How to use 'custom destinations' with embed dashboard

I'm using Metabase as signed embedded on my web application.

I've set up a click behavior with 'custom destinations' to move the user from one dashboard to another. the custom destinations work perfectly fine on Metabase app, but not on embed mode.
The error we're getting is:

Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'none'"


Try using relative paths

With custom destination you do not set the url, you set up a click behavior that is linked to another dashboard. thing is that when you use signed embedded you encode parameters and send them as a token. this is not the behavior on embed

Since signed embedding is single objects, then it has no idea about other objects, so you would have to use Click Behavior URLs instead of Dashboard/Question objects

We tried that, but since it's an iframe, we cannot use a relative URL, and our app is multi-tenant based

Then you will need to automatically redirect the URL from your application based on the user ... So if user1 clicked on the URL he should be redirected to

Else you can look into the full app embedding option (this is not free):

Do you mean that we should not use embed in case we want to move users from one dashboard to another?

What i am saying is that if you are doing signed embedding then only Click Behavior URLs will work and that's by design