How to use JSON data store in mysql Column

Hello i have Json data in my mysqlDB and i woudlike to know how to JSON.parse this data in metabase.

In my db :

[{"types": ["street_number"], "long_name": "52", "short_name": "52"}, 
{"types": ["route"], "long_name": "Boulevard Beau Rivage", "short_name": "Boulevard Beau Rivage"}, 
{"types": ["locality", "political"], "long_name": "Antibes", "short_name": "Antibes"},
 {"types": ["administrative_area_level_2", "political"], "long_name": "Alpes-Maritimes", "short_name": "Alpes-Maritimes"},
 {"types": ["administrative_area_level_1", "political"], "long_name": "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur", "short_name": "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur"},
 {"types": ["country", "political"], "long_name": "France", "short_name": "FR"}, 
{"types": ["postal_code"], "long_name": "06600", "short_name": "06600"}]

But in metabase i get : 0x5B7B2274

i woudlike to get {"types": ["locality", "political"], "long_name": "Antibes", "short_name": "Antibes"},

Hi @Dracks
Upgrade to the latest version 0.33.6 - remember to always backup before upgrading.

i’m in 0.33.4 and i don’t see change for JSON in patch note but i go try this

@Dracks I updated the driver in, so now it supports JSON type and MySQL 8 logins.

ok fine i can show my json, but i need to extract data from this json with key how i can do that ?

@Dracks Currently Metabase does not support extraction, so you would need to do that in a database view or virtual column.