Hyperlink in table

I want to put a table with links to a dashboard, but actually they are not interpreted as links.
i tried also to add some < a href… to get it done, but thats also not working
is there a way to get my link to a file be interpreted as a hyperlink on my dashboard table?



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Is this from a SQL or GUI query?

If it’s SQL we don’t currently allow you to mark a field with a type. If it’s GUI, if the underlying column is marked as a url, it should render as a link

well the type is url

but it still does not render, is there any constraint what the url need to include

i just took some random link to a pdf file


but so far doesn’t render like a link

There’s an open bug for links in Dashboards, Hyperlink in table

If you’re seeing that in tables as well, we can update that issue. Mind chiming in with more info there re Metabase + browser versions?