I forgot my password. Reset password email never came

I tried to send a reset password email and it didn’t work. Not in the inbox or spam

Can you double check the server logs to make sure there wasn’t an error message?

Do you have access to the SMTP server you’re using? If it’s a managed service like SendGrid or Mandrill, you should be able to see if an email was sent or not. In Mandrill, it would be in the “outbox” section. Not sure what the equivalent is in Sendgrid.

I have the same issue, I am using Version v0.24.2 which was built on 2017-06-01. I have setup Email and the test email gets sent out successfully.

I deployed Metabase on Heroku running on Standard-2x dynos.

I have tried to:

  1. Remove email settings so I can go back to manual reset
  2. Restart App
  3. Delete User and Add User again

How can I get the password reset (manually or otherwise) so that this user can log in?