Identifying the Table Containing "source-field"

I am using Metabase v0.46.5, self hosted through Docker. I am attempting to duplicate a "card" via the API, but I would like to change the source database. I am able to do understand how to see if a card has joins and select the appropriate source-table if so. However, what I am struggling with is when a card filter has something like the following:

                            "source-field": 727

How in the API response can I identify which source-table the "source-field" is referencing here, since I believe this is doing an implicit join?

Hey Gus

One thing that may help is using the Field endpoint to get that information.

A GET request to the source-field id should have the information you’re looking for within the “table” object of the response. Including the name of the field, table id and database the item belongs to.