Iframe link is getting exposed in the frontend

The issue is that the iframe's embedded link is exposed in the frontend when inspected. How can we resolve this problem?

Why is this a problem? This is how browsers work

The problem is that the iframe link, i.e metabase URL and token, is exposed in the frontend when inspected. This allows anyone to access the dashboard using that link. How can we prevent this from happening? @Luiggi

Those tokens are signed tokens with a very short expiration. I really don’t think that someone wants to share it’s own link to the world to expose its own data, I might be wrong though, but if that’s the case then the link will be valid for a few mins only

Hi! @Luiggi Yes , the token is valid for the short time only , but can we do something to hide this URL or token from being exposed as it may contain very secret information which we want to hide.