Image server.. help!

Good night;

I have a case in which I need help...

It happens that I have a Database mounted in Metabase, it belongs to our Jira Software Ticket system, but I have the problem of slowness since this database is kept in constant use by other users from our JIRA platform.

What I want to do is mount a server with MySql and mount an image of this Database which is updated by I don't know, a Script every so often, thus preventing the Dashboards created in Metabase from taking a long time to load.

How can I do this?

There are several ways of doing this:

  1. create a read replica of your current DB, and scale vertically this replica so you don't use the resources of your Jira "writer" node with Metabase analytical queries
  2. create another server, but use scripts as ETL's from Jira's DB to this new server. This new server can have a completely new schema that can be even better for analytical queries, like a star schema for example. From there you can even pre-aggregate tables so your queries run faster
  3. you do the ETL's but instead of sending those to a new DB, you send the data to a service that is prepared for doing analytics (snowflake, redshift, bigquery... there are a lot).

I don't understand that about ETL, can you give me more details?

Santiago, an ETL (extract, transform and load) is a program that runs independently of Metabase and will allow you to get info from a database and put that into another one