Immobilize columns

Good morning, I need to immobilize a column within the metabase tables. Is there any way to do it?

Hi @melanimorales
What does “immobilize” mean? Your data source tables and columns are handled in Admin > Data Model.

Hi @flamber
that when moving in the table, a column is fixed

@melanimorales I don’t think I understand. Are you talking about the freeze/frozen column/row that Excel has? If yes, then Metabase does not have such functionality.

@flamber do you know if they are going to incorporate it?

@melanimorales Workaround: You can export as XLSX and freeze the columns/rows you want in Excel.

EDIT: There’s now a feature request: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber Thank you so much!

Hi @flamber Is is possible to provide a rough estimate for when this feature may be developed? The business keeps asking for a timeline (we have embedded Metabase in Salesforce, which is mostly used on tablets and this feature is very helpful there).
I checked the Metabase roadmap and it is not mentioned there.

@King_Edward Customers should reach out to support via email, so it can be tracked and prioritized.
I don't have a timeline for this, but it would likely not be listed as a separate point on the roadmap either.

Thanks, I'll send an email.