Implication of deleting schemas directly from application database


I have connected the application to an Oracle DB which has quite a few schemas - about 34 with a total of 30k + tables, many of which are not needed for analysis.

However, there is no way of specifying which schema I would like to access, hence all the tables in all the schemas are synced.

I would like to know If there are any implications if I manually delete the schemas which are not needed for analysis.

I am using Postgres 14.1 on docker.


Hi @oaajibade
You can delete those - it will also delete all related fields. Any questions that are based on those tables will be broken.
But when Metabase syncs again, then it will pick up all those tables again.

You can hide all the tables that you don't need in Admin > Data Model.
Or better yet, make sure that the database credentials you use don't have access to those schemas.

There's a request for limiting what is being synced: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

That's very clear. Thanks for the feedback.
I've upvoted the request on github.