Importing geojson: this.props.onRenderError is not a function


I’m trying to import a geojson file:

I get the error:
Unable to connect to unknown host at URL `https://…’

Do you know what is my problem?
Thank you.

Yes, I’ve internet.
Metabase version v0.31.2 (Built on 2018-12-05)

Hi @Panz90
Do you have a (software) firewall that blocks Metabase from making connections? Or is the URL password protected or anything like that?
Metabase needs to be able to resolve the domain and make a connection to get the GeoJSON file.
You could setup a tiny webserver locally, which serves the GeoJSON file to Metabase. Currently you cannot upload files to Metabase.

Thank you flamber, I’ll try with a tiny server.

Firewall rules are ok for metabase connections.


now I’m facing with this error:

this.props.onRenderError is not a function

Url file:

This is a valid geojson for other programs.

When I try the source on then it fails with the error:

a number was found where a coordinate array should have been found: this needs to be nested more deeply

Great site!

I found the problem.

my file: [[7.57988,45.41888,7.57982,45.4189,7.57785,45.41874]]

expected: [[[7.57988,45.41888],[7.57982,45.4189],[7.57785,45.41874]]]

Thank you.

Hi there,
I get the same error (this.props.onRenderError is not a function) but can load the file in without any issues :frowning: any other hints how I can import a map (try to import a map of german cities, this one: thanks for any help, I am getting frustrated … :wink:

Update: I imported the raw data into (didn´t get any errors) and saved it as new file. Still same error message :frowning:

I’m not sure what’s going on with that file. I cannot make it work either - tried removing the encoded cities, removing id attribute and a couple of other things. There’s probably many other GeoJSON files that has cities, so I would recommend that you try another.

Hi, sorry for the late reply! I gave up with cities … I was not able to make it work. Instead I chose to code the german states into my query and found a map that can be linked to the states. Looks nice :slight_smile:

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