In-Browser filtering & sorting

Hi guys!

We have several queries which take a bit of time to compile.

In those queries it would be extremely helpful if there was a way to filter & sort within the browser based on the current result set, rather than having to re-run the query through the database again.

Is there already any way to achieve this or would this not be a nice feature to add?

Thank you & Best Regards

Hi @SetSails
There’s an issue open about that: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber thank you for the quick reply!

I believe this is a bit different in that it is merely about having the possibility to sort (not filter) using the column headers … however, with non-sql queries this also triggers a new query towards the database and doesn’t just resort in the browser.

So this suggestion here is really a) sort and b) filter straight in the browser without re-querying the DB.

Thank you & Best Regards

@SetSails So how should this work if you have a million rows in your database?

You’re welcome to open feature requests, but please make sure to search first, so it’s not a duplicate and only have one subject per issue: