In Metabase, what is wrong with this query?

Guys, good afternoon!
I am doing this query to generate a dashboard, where I want to inform 2 (optional) parameters, but as you can see, it is not bringing any results. And when I only inform the customer, it is excluded from the result. How to solve this? Can you help me? Look at the attachment.

When using Field Filters, you should not include the column.
Field Filter:

[[AND {{filter}}]]

Other filters:

[[AND column={{filter}}]]

Hi @flamber,

I did it here and it worked, but the documentation suggests informing the column, see:

My query looks like this:

SELECT UPPER(tb_cliente.nome_orgao), 
EXTRACT(YEAR FROM tb_registrar_assinatura_cliente.ts_movimentacao) AS ANO, 
EXTRACT(MONTH FROM tb_registrar_assinatura_cliente.ts_movimentacao) AS MES, COUNT(*) AS TOTAL 
FROM tb_registrar_assinatura_cliente 
INNER JOIN tb_cliente ON = tb_registrar_assinatura_cliente.id_cliente
WHERE true
  [[AND {{CLIENTE}}]]
  [[AND {{ANO}}]]
GROUP BY tb_cliente.nome_orgao, tb_cliente.tipoassinaturapermitida, EXTRACT(YEAR FROM tb_registrar_assinatura_cliente.ts_movimentacao), EXTRACT(MONTH FROM tb_registrar_assinatura_cliente.ts_movimentacao)

No, the documentation gives an example of simple filter with column. And then it gives a Field Filter example without column:

I understand … but it is in this part of the document that I have based myself.
I see in the attachment

But that section of the documentation is specifically for Optional Clauses [[ ... ]]
You can put any type of filter into optional clauses, but you still need to follow the guide for each filter type.

I understand, in any case I have managed to resolve here and I have acquired a knowledge for the next consultations. Thanks for your attention.