In models, column visibility metadata setting doesn't get saved

Hi all! I'm using Metabase again after a couple years away, and I'm loving models. Great feature!

I may have found a bug though. When I customize column metadata, most settings changes persist when I click the save button, but not column visibility, ie "This column should appear in…" If I change it to "Detail views only" and then save:

...and then open the same column's metadata, it's still set to "Table and details views":

Am I doing something wrong? I'm on Metabase Cloud v1.42.4. Thanks in advance!

(I found this btw, , but it's for notebooks, so may not be the same issue.)

Hi @snarfed
Nice to have you back in the fold :wink:
I've created an issue for it - we removed some other settings right before 42 release, because they couldn't override, so I'm not sure what will happen to this setting. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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