Incorrect Date in Line graph

Hi I am trying to run a query where i am extracting date from a given timestamp, the problem here is whenever i use group by date(timestamp_column) in metabase query, it automatically adds a time 00:00:00 to it, which while plotting a time-series creates an ambiguity.

For example for date 1st april 2017, in the graph and as well as the result table it creates (1st April 2017 00:00:00) .
I am simply grouping a variable on date.

Hmm, I wonder if it’s related to this github issue. What is your environment and DB type? And what are your timezone settings? Sorry for the hassle.

i am using a postgres SQL on amazon redshift. The query result on my local system server gives me a result something like this :
Select date(created_on), count(users) from table
group by 1

Date Count
12/4/2017 23
13/4/2017 35

and so on
but on metabase it adds a timestamp 00:00:00 ( which is logically incorrect)

Please help