InfluxDB support

Is anyone working on an InfluxDB driver for Metabase? Or aware of any other integration of time series data?

I’m not seeing any issues or PRs for it on github, but you’re welcome to create a new issue for this request. We’re adding support for various DBs based on community demand. If you’re familiar with Clojure and feeling adventurous you can try writing a driver yourself. @camsaul is available to help with any questions you might run into.

@camsaul Hi! I’m tring to calculate how much time i should waste to write InfluxDb driver. I’m not a java coder but with my hard skills java looks not a problem. I need your opinion about difficulty of this challenge. If i ll start do you help me by advices on the way to working driver?

Metabase drivers aren’t written in Java, they’re written in Clojure.

I suggest taking a look at some of our existing drivers. Here’s the code for SQLite for example: