Infrastructure: Metabase instance location and db schema configuration

Hello, we use Metabase on top of an AWS Redshift instance with region=us-west-2
I'd love to know where is our https://[domain] instance located in order to understand if it make sense performance-wise. Is there a configuration of that kind or a section where this information can be revealed?

Also, would love to know if Metabase schema column settings such as defining a column as 'Category' has a performance impact such as indexing that column?

Hi @benpony
Metabase Cloud is currently only available on AWS us-east-1. We are working on other locations, but there's not timeline on that yet.

The latency should be fairly negligible between those two data centers.

As for the "category" question, that would be relevant to scanning. So while you would not notice the scan speed difference, since it's handled behind the scenes, the users would be getting their data from the Metabase application database instead of the Redshift warehouse. I would think that any latency would be very small.