Inquiry Regarding Creating Company-wise Filtered Reports in Metabase Enterprise Edition

I am currently exploring the capabilities of Metabase Enterprise Edition for our business intelligence needs. I have a specific scenario that I would appreciate your guidance on:

  1. As an admin, I want to create reports using the admin account in Metabase Enterprise Edition.
  2. I have set up user accounts for specific users under the admin role.
  3. Utilizing sandboxing, I am filtering data company-wise for individual users.
  4. When a user logs in, I aim to display a report or graph created by the admin with data filtered according to the user's company.

Could you please provide information on any features or best practices within Metabase Enterprise Edition that cater to these requirements? Specifically, I am interested in understanding how to seamlessly create and share reports while ensuring dynamic filtering based on user attributes, such as company.

You can absolutely do that in either the Pro or Enterprise plans (both plans offer the same features, there are a few differences which is outlined in the pricing cards in Metabase Pricing)

You can create 1 dashboard, use sandboxing to restrict data at the customer_id or user_id.

If it's for external sharing, you could also consider using static embedding Static embedding

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