Installing d3 charts library

I'm trying to add a box plot chart into meta base but once i install d3-box plot library the back-end freezes and can't view the meta base on localhost:3000 , its blank and does load anything.It does't show any error as well.

Hi @ayazwani
As I pointed out in Addding custom visualizations into meta base, it is a lot harder than you think to create a visualization. At least with how the code currently is. I would recommend that you don't try, since it requires a lot of knowledge about React (and a lot of other things) before you can even attempt something like that.

What chart library does meta base use by default?Meaning,which is included in package.json

@ayazwani If you are asking such question, then you clearly not very experienced developer and trying to create a visualization in Metabase will become so difficult that you will likely never succeed.

Thanks. Can u provide some material that will help me in doing that?

@ayazwani How to become an experienced developer? No, but you need to understand React very well and then whatever other dependencies and libraries that is used by Metabase.
Try searching the internet for react tutorial or react online course - replace "react" with whatever you are trying to learn.