Intersection time of the main and backup line


We have some shops which have main internet line and backup internet line. We can measure down times for both.

I need a report showing the time periods where both main and backup internet lines are down at the same time

How can i do it with metabase?


Hi @serkanbaybuga
Probably not the best tool for that. There are a lot other great network specific graph tools.

Hi @flamber,

I don’t need any graphic tool. I have a good one :slight_smile: Microfocus Network Node Manager and Network Performance System :slight_smile:

I need just a table like
Shop X down 2 hours
Shop Y down 1 hours 35 minutes


@serkanbaybuga Okay, then I would recommend another, simpler tool.

Hello @flamber

Thank you so much
Which tool do you advice for me?


@serkanbaybuga I don’t know, but something that is much simpler. You can probably script something together or even use something like Google Sheets.