Invite e-mail link is http when server runs on https, causes nothing to load

As the topic mentions, in the invite e-mail that is sent to newly created users, the link to reset their password is http instead of https when my server runs solely on https on that port. The reset password link fails to load in the browser, it is fixed if the user manually adds an “s” to the http part. I suppose I could issue a rewrite in my apache set-up, but that doesn’t fix the problem for everyone, only me.

I was wondering if it could be added that if the server runs on https, then only https links should be sent via email, since the port in the link is the ssl port.

This was tested on my Android phone as well as my friend who we test some API scripts and he used his iPhone and Microsoft Edge on his computer and both caused the link not to load anything.

My firefox on my linux machine loads it to https automatically. I’m not quite sure what’s going on here.

Example link from invite e-mail: (changed hostname for secure purposes)

port 1337 is the ssl port for my metabase set-up.

Hi @bubonic
Make sure that your Site URL under Admin > Settings > General includes the https.

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So simple, I didn’t notice that setting. That fixed it. Thank you!

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