IP to whitelist for Metabase's new Hosted Instance?

Currently trying to set up Metabase via the newly launched “hosted” feature. Since the instance is set up and hosted by Metabase I have no idea what IP is actually making calls to my DB I am trying to get connected. Without that I have no idea what IP address(es) I should add to my RDS security group’s whitelist.

Looking through the docs everything looks geared towards this not being an issue since most users are hosting the instance themselves and therefore know exactly what IP is going to be making requests.

I am sure I am just completely missing something here… can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi @loeb_mskrzypiec
It’s - this might change in the future or have more IPs. We’re still working this out internally. We will notify hosting customers of changes.

Thank you @flamber!
Up and running now. Appreciate the quick response.

@loeb_mskrzypiec Things change quickly :slight_smile:
The IPs you should add to your allow-list/whitelist are as follows:

@flamber noted! Thanks

@flamber Are these IP addresses posted anywhere else on the Metabase website future reference and/or if they change?