Is it possible to auto login users using Google SSO into metabase?

I have integrated Google SSO for our metabase instance. Even though the user is logged in the browser with his/her google account, metabase still shows up signin with google button.

Could you please, help if there is any way to auto login user into metabase without having to click Sign In with Google.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @RamSankhavaram
That's currently not possible with the version of Google Sign-in that is being used. It might be possible, when it is upgraded next year.

Hello @flamber, Thanks much for the reply. Is it possible with any SAML integration to auto login users?

@RamSankhavaram Yes, by sending them to /auth/sso via a reverse-proxy, when they are on the login page. It's currently not possible with a setting in Metabase, since it would become impossible to get into the instance if something went wrong with the SAML connection. We're trying to see if we can allow this, but also prevent redirect loops in case of problems.