Is there a way to ignore foreign data tables?

I am using postgres_fdw to access data in a third-party database (DB_A). The third-party schema has been imported into my database (DB_B) so that all of the tables from DB_A are available as foreign tables in DB_B. I then do some selects to build up new tables in DB_B to be used for analytics.

Is there any way to have Metabase ignore the foreign data tables since they are not going to be used for analytics? I have seen the options to make tables hidden, but there are around 3,500 of them, so a more automated solution would be preferable.

Hi @bwh
Currently you would have to do it via the API or manually editing the metadata - see this issue for more details - you might want to update the issue (by clicking :+1: on the first post) and also check some of the referenced issues too.

Another option would be to use a different user account to access the database. Only grant the account the rights to the tables you want them to see.
Better still, create a new schema that the new user account can see and then create views in the schema of the tables you want them to see.

Thank you both for the suggestions. Either of them would solve my problem, but I think I will create a new user as @AndrewMBaines suggested.