Issue when deselecting columns in a long list

I tried checking Github and the forum so sorry if this is still a duplicate.
This video will clearly show you what’s happening. I also tried describing the issue below but the video will make a lot more sense honestly.


When trying to select the columns you want to display you currently need to deselect all of the columns you don’t want to use. When trying to deselect columns which are lower on the list every time you deselect one the focus goes back to the top of the list. This makes it very annoying when you have to deselect a lot of colums.

Also, would be a nice feature to not only be able to select all but also deselect all.

Thanks in advance!

  • Barry Oosterhuis

Hi @BarryOosterhuis
There’s already a request open for allowing deselect - and making it easier to manage a lot of columns:
And there’s an issue open about (de)selection scroll-to-top:
Go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post for each.

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