Issue with Field Filter Variable Relative Date

We are having an issue with a query using a Relative Date field filter. The query works when it is filtering for a single day (such as Today or Yesterday) and it also works when the variable is cleared (or removed completely). The issue shows with filtering for multiple days (Past 7 day, Last Month, etc.).

I’m not getting any errors or any activity on the database from this question, it just sits and spins as if it were executing the query.

Is anyone else having an issue similar to this?

EDIT: The query finished after about 5 minutes. Is there a specific reason I can get the same query to run in just a couple of seconds while running it directly on the DB compare to Metabase?

SELECT Store.Name, main.[Total Sales], main.[Total Transactions], main.[Total Sold], main.[Total Sales]/main.[Total Transactions] as 'DPT',
main.[Total Sold]/main.[Total Transactions] as 'UPT'
(SELECT Store.ID as 'StoreID', SUM(TransactionEntry.Quantity * TransactionEntry.Price) as 'Total Sales', COUNT(DISTINCT [Transaction].TransactionNumber) as 'Total Transactions', 
SUM(TransactionEntry.Quantity) as 'Total Sold'
FROM TransactionEntry
LEFT JOIN [Transaction] ON TransactionEntry.TransactionNumber = [Transaction].TransactionNumber AND TransactionEntry.StoreID = [Transaction].StoreID
LEFT JOIN Store ON TransactionEntry.StoreID = Store.ID
[[WHERE {{TransactionTime}}]]
GROUP BY Store.ID) as main
LEFT JOIN Store ON main.StoreID = Store.ID
GROUP BY Store.Name, main.[Total Sales], main.[Total Transactions], main.[Total Sold]

Hi, what metabase version are you using? There are some issues with relative date filters in v0.26.1 (, maybe your issue is related?

That’s the version I am using, but it doesn’t seem to be having the same issue as the person in the link. Could be related maybe?