Issue with v.41.1 in EB

I use ElastcBeanstalk with a t2.small instance for my personal projects.
When I upgraded to .41.1, Metabase webpage doesn't load.
It seems Metabase is running though (logs).

I restarted the app server and even the EC2 instance, still getting the same behaviour.
When I revert back to v.40, it works again (logs)

Internal Metabase DB: Postgres on RDS

Hi @King_Edward
Can you provide the EB logs, since my guess is perhaps the health checker is failing. It should be /api/health
As you say, the Metabase logs looks fine, so I guess it's a problem somewhere in the load-balancer.

Here are the EB logs (last 100 lines)
I'm not using a load-balancer.

@King_Edward Okay, I simply don't know what's wrong. There's nothing in the logs indicating any problems, Metabase is running as it should.
I don't think I understand what the problem is. Which error are you seeing?

The webpage doesn't load, and gives ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

One note: I'm using Route 53 to map the to the EB environment address (
This has been working up until the upgrade to v.41.

@King_Edward Okay, perhaps some VPC or firewall stuff is doing something?
If there's no connection to Metabase, then it must be blocked somewhere else.
Which environment variables are you using? Try removing all but MB_DB_*

I'm not using a VPC or firewall. The thing is, it works in v.40 (same config and settings). So I assume some change in v.41 is causing this.
I'll test your suggestion when I get home.

I had NGINX_FORCE_SSL=1 in EB env properties. Removing it resolved the issue.
I had set it a long time ago to test sth and forgot about it.

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