Issues in viewing Metabase reports on Gmail mobile app

Gmail view of metabase reports on

Gmail view of metabase reports on Gmail mobile application

Problem -
In mobile app, we are unable to see all the columns at once. Have to drag the table.
But in web, the complete table is shown at once.

Is there a config or any other feature in metabase that can make the tables static in gmail mobile app as well?

Example of a report in mobile app generated and mailed through Python -

We want the same view of metabase reports view on Gmail mobile app as well.

Please help us with any existing feature/config.

nothing yet on the roadmap for this. Consider that if a table is too big (lots of columns) it will be unreadable if you post the entire table in the width of the viewport

Is there any such kind of development in pipeline by metabase, that could help in viewing reports with lots of column on Gmail mobile app efficiently?

We’re redefining all charts, but I don’t think there’s anything on the radar for charts with massive amount of columns. I suggest you fork the project and make these changes