Join between MySQL schemas

I’ve read this
but it is not exactly what I need. I have two different databases, but they are actually the same, but different schemas, just because I can’t connect to MySQL DBs without specifying a schema. Therefore, I can use those different schemas using the native queries, by typing schema.table or another_schema.another_table, but I’m unable to use the foreign_key functionality in the Data Model tab.

I have an Oracle database conected, and there I’m able to use different schemas to do joins and other stuff, since I don’t have to specify a single one when connecting to it. Is this a technical barrier which can’t be traspassed, or is there some kind of workaround?

I’d create a new schema that only includes views of the other schemas.

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Hmmmmm! That hadn’t cross my mind, going to work that out! Thanks!

The other advantage is that you can clear all the clutter and not have to wade through all the rubbish.

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