Joining data to GA data for Embed

Hi I'm trying to set up dashboards containing google analytics data for an embed that shows data tailored to the customer that has logged into our site (we're using JWT currently to authenticate and send params).

Currently we use Google Data Studio for dashboards to join GA data with Sheets CSVs with customer data.

My question is what is the easiest way to achieve the same with Metabase?

I'm aware joining two data sources is not possible and we're not sure we can afford moving everything to a data warehouse as the GA data is fairly big (1-2 million events a month).

Have identified a few possible solutions:

  1. Import User data into a CSV in our app's code and use in Metabase params JWT Response to filter data

  2. Move GA Analytics to a new Postgres DB, query from there (Not sure on price of this vs. a warehouse)

  3. Import user data into Google Analytics so that any joining can just be done on GA Data source

  4. Use Metabase API somehow?

Please let me know if any of these sounds feasible or if there's a solution I'm not seeing. Thanks!

Hi @j95
If you are using BigQuery, then Metabase can access Sheets via that as well as GA:

But all in all, you need your data from multiple sources into a single source - whether you use a warehouse like BigQuery or your own custom Postgres/etc is not important, select the solution that is simplest/cheapest/easiest for you.

Whatever you can do in the API can also be done in the application, since the frontend just uses the API to communicate with Metabase.