Joins in metabase

it is possible to create joins between the tables in metabase

if it is possible please provide the document, which helps to clear the issues


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Hi @vasuk1908
Yes, by making a Native Query, since it’s just like making a regular SQL query.
Currently not possible visually via Custom (Query Browser), but that will change in version 0.33 with the new Notebook-mode.

Where can I read more about 0.33? That “notebook-mode” is absolutely unknown to me, reading about it got me a bit excited here lol

This is a feature that would be really helpful.

By the way, you can link tables using foreign keys, so they show up like this:

In the admin side (editing data model, selecting the desired table, changing the column type, and selecting the desired target column on the target table):

Not sure if this is what you wanted, but, anyway, there it is.

I think the only official statement is in the blog post of the 0.32 release (at the bottom):
But if you spend way too many hours with this project and follow all of the PR commits, then you’ll notice upcoming features - and then it helps if you visit the Metabase team and get an awesome preview from Tom :wink:
It’s a totally different way to browse data compared to the old Query Browser, so it’ll take a few minutes to get used to it, but it looks awesome and adds new features that wasn’t available before.