JSON to SQL Table within Metabase

I have connected to a Postgres database where there’s a table with 1 column as JSON. I’m trying to write a SQL query (using OPENJSON and the likes) within Metabase’s editor to possibly convert this JSON column to table without having to leave Metabase. Is that something possible? I tried few times and got errors, so wanted to confirm with you.

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi @udaykrizna,
Metabase doesn’t currently offer any kind of special support for displaying a single Postgres JSON column (or any type of column, for that matter) as if it were a table. We’re looking into adding support for using the results of a query as the starting point for a new query in the future, however.

In the meantime, anything you can do in SQL you can do in Metabase using the SQL interface, so if a query that does what you want is possible you can use Metabase to visualize the results.