Key word search bar for questions and collection

Hello there,
I looked in the forum but I did not find any similar post. If it exists, please excuse me and let me the link to the discussion.

I use Metabase every day and as the number of question and dashboard are growing I struggle with the current search system. Currently when typing something into the search bar for collection, only questions with the exact same characters are showing up.
Is there a possibility to work on a “key word” search system that shows the questions containing the words from the search bar, no matter the order or the one character missing ?

Explanation if needed :
Having a question saved as “KPI - User monthly average tickets amount”
Typing in the search bar " KPI User" should lead to this question. Currently it is not the case.
Same goes if we search for " KPI Users", because of the “s”, it won’t show the question.

Thanks for your attention.