LDAP Group Mapping Overwrites Assigned Groups

Let’s say there is an LDAP Group mapping defined that maps AD group ‘AD_a’ to Metabase Group ‘MB_a’ (i.e. when a user which is a member of AD_a logs in, s/he gets added to ‘MB_a’ group).

Let user X be a member of AD_a.
Assume the Metabase admin manually adds group ‘MB_b’ to the user X.

Now when the user X logs in, he is only in MB_a. In other words the LDAP mapping overwrites any group permissions given to users. I was expecting LDAP mappings not overwrite but add to the current groups defined in Metabase Admin Panel.

Is the current behavior the expected behavior or a bug?

@King_Edward I’m fairly sure you’re seeing one of these issues:

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It was the first one. Thanks.