'lein ring server' or 'lein run' error

Syntax error (ClassNotFoundException) compiling at (metabase/pulse/render/color.clj:1:1).

Full report at:
Error encountered performing task ‘ring’ with profile(s): ‘base,system,user,provided,dev,ring’
Subprocess failed (exit code: 1)

I execute “lein ring server” or ‘lein run’, but I can’t start the back-end service. It has the above exception. My jdk verison is ‘15.0.2’.

Please help me.Thanks

Hi @fage01
You currently cannot use lein ring server:
And try with Java 8 or 11 instead:
Please post the output of the following:

# OS and version
 sed -nE 's/^PRETTY_NAME="([^"]+)"$/\1/p' /etc/os-release
# Git branch and commit
 echo `git status | head -1 && git log -1 --format="commit %H"`
# Java version and architecture
 java -version
# Java variable configuration
 echo $JAVA_HOME
# Java path configuration
 echo $PATH | grep --color=never -oe "/usr/lib/jvm/[^:]*"
# Lein version
 lein --version
# NodeJS version
 nodejs --version
# Yarn version
 yarn --version
# Clojure version
 clojure --help | grep Version