Limitation of records for pin map

In order to create a pin map I have to put limit 999 in sql otherwise, if the number of my pins exceed 1000, it displays nothing.

Is there any way to fix this?

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@geo noticed the same. Did you manage to fix it?

Unfortunately not. And I found nothing in the web. I dont even know whether this is a problem of metabase or leaflet

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One way around is to approximate LAT-LON by 2 dp, group by it and then order by number of occurrences. No idea where the problem comes about.

Logs say:

GET /api/tiles/2/2/1/undefined/undefined/2/1/ 404 (103 µs) (0 DB calls)
"GET /api/tiles/2/2/1/undefined/undefined/2/1/ does not exist."

But I'm not sure if it's strictly related.