Load spark sql driver failed

version: v0.31.2
install: the jar file
Loading plugins in directory /data/metabase/plugins…
Loading plugin /data/metabase/plugins/metabase-sparksql-deps-1.2.1.spark2-sta
WARNING: any? already refers to: #'clojure.core/any? in namespace: monger.collection, being replaced by: #'monger.collection/any?
Setting up and migrating Metabase DB. Please sit tight, this may take a minute…

After relaunching the metabase, the spark sql database didn’t exist.
I didn’t execute the migrating, but the log shows it is migrating.

Hi @xiaopeng
Which version of Java? You’re only using releases and haven’t compiled Metabase or Spark yourself?
Did you upgrade from an earlier version to 0.31.2? That is probably why you’re seeing the migration - or if the migration never completed, but there should be more info in the logs.

  1. java version: 1.8
  2. I’m using the release jar
  3. ignore the migration issue, it should be the normal procedure

I’ve solved this problem by reinstalling the spark sql driver from git instead of using the jar from doc (https://github.com/metabase/metabase/blob/release-0.29.4/docs/administration-guide/databases/spark.md).

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