Loading a segment of the database(only some tables) instead of the whole database while connecting to the database itself

i am trying to load a set of tables of my database and i don't want to create any new schemas, is their a way for me to load only some tables while connecting to database(not showing some tables on dashboard, hiding metadata of the tables).

You can hide all the tables in the admin console, then show the one's that should be visible.
Other than that, it's down to database security using a different account to connect to the database (made easier by creating a new schema for Metabase).

thankyou, but is their a way for load only few tables?

Yes, use security so the account used by Metabase only has access to a few tables.

is their a way without effecting or making changes to my database just change some configuration details on metabase so that it takes a segment of database?

Yes, as Andrew already indicated it's in the admin console.

Database permissions is a more consistent/safer way to do this though.