Localization bug in the search box

Hi there,

Thanks for making the great, DB viewer!
I believe Metabase is one of the greatest DB viewers with its awesome usability.

This is a bug report about Metabase's localization functionality.
We have 3 DBs for dev, staging and production so we can see 3 tables when we search a table using the search box.

However, when I set my language setting to Japanese, the search result is broken.

This bug was not happening in the early version of Metabase and started happening at some point. I think this bug is 100% reproducible and fixable easily, so I hope this will be fixed soon though localization bug's priority tends to be lower :slight_smile:

Hi @Kaz
So what is "broken" in the global search introduced in 0.39?
If you search by the exact table or column name, as it's defined in your database, then those results are returned. If you search for the display name, as you have defined in Admin > Data Model, then those are shown.

Hi @flamber

The "broken" means the part "0}" of "0} のテーブル" as you can see in the attached picture above.

I'm sure "0}" should be "db-dev", "db-stg" or "db-prod" as well as the ones in the English mode.
I guess "0}" is a kind of placeholder which must be replaced an actual value but the replacement doesn't seem to be working correctly.

@Kaz Okay, so the problem is that it was incorrectly translated via https://poeditor.com/join/project/ynjQmwSsGh

I've just updated it to {1}の{0}。 - if that is incorrect, then please go and help out with the translation yourself.

Thanks! That looks perfect.
Looking forward to the coming release.

@Kaz We normally don't synchronize translations until next major version, which would be 0.42
It's slightly difficult to do in minor releases, since translators would need to maintain two sets.

I see. It's ok for us to wait for 0.42 because we have a workaround (=English mode).
Thanks for your quick actions!