Locating queries that are now "broken"

Let me provide some context. Imagine you have two tables: meters_one and meters_two. You have many Metabase queries that reference these tables. You do a little refactoring, a little merging, and you combine meters_one and meters_two into one table called "meters". Now, all the tables that reference meters_one and meters_two will no longer work - they're being completely removed.

I would like to know if there is a method for figuring out which queries are "broken", as described above. Currently, the best approach I've come up with is to go into the Metabase Application Database and use the Report Card table - specifically, I search the Dataset Query column for any reference of the older, migrated table names. Is there a better way?

We've added a tool for that in the 41 release but only for Pro and Enterprise plans

I see - that's good to know. Is there any other method you can think of that would be more effective than what I described for those of us who are on the free, open-source version?

Unfortunately the only way would be to go to the report_card table to see the tables that refer to the old table. You can also check the query_execution table to see which questions errored out and fix them