Logging level

Hi, Currently Metabase does log everything , is there a setting where i can specify logging level like informative/errors/debug etc . Basically idea is to not log everything and increase logging level when there are issues so that it helps in debugging.

Hi @NaveenHadagali
You can change the logging level by replacing the log4j.properties file:

Thanks @flamber for pointing to documentation. It helps

@flamber i can see the logs in Metabase under troubleshooting, where are actual logs stored? is it in file or in database?

I use Metabase 0.32.8 and postgresql as application database and metabase.jar to launch application

The log file is normally placed in the current working directory, when you’re running java ...

Thanks for the reply, however i am not able to find it under java working directory …

I am using metabase.jar to run metabase. Please provide details where can i find the log files on windows?

I don’t use Windows, but I would think something like

java -jar metabase.jar -Dlogfile.path=target/log