Login MB issue

We are using metabase in a remote server with public endopoint, but when trying to log it seems that is not working (but we are recieving an email as we are loging in)

Hi @Gonzalo

Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

You need to provide more context about "public endopoint" means. Are you talking about Public Sharing? If yes, then there's no login there.

We deployed metabase on a linux instance and set a nginx reverse proxy listening on port 80 , redirecting all the traffic to the local application where metabase is running

@Gonzalo So you are using a reverse-proxy. Good. Like described here:

Now you need to look in your logs and browser console to figure out which misconfiguration is causing the problem. It very difficult to understand what you have done, when you don't provide much information.

We achieved to make it work! Thanks!!!!