Long (hidden) share URLs in dashboard don't work in mobile portrait

I have just upgraded to latest Metabase from an older version. I have a dashboard that uses markdown to hide the long URLs from a simple menu.

My problem is that in a mobile (portrait) view the menu items don't appear. I'm assuming this is because "something" thinks the URL is too long to fit. If I rotate the phone to landscape everything appears.

Any thoughts?



ps, I really wish something could be done to improve the pagination on mobile display. Removing pagination completely would be a nice option that could help a lot.

Hi @siwilson
Which version to you upgrade from and to?
Can you provide an example of the markdown? And/or screenshots showing the problem?

From version: v1.37.8 (aarch64)
To version: v0.43.4 (x86)

Both running in docker

Here's the dashboard:

This is what displays on portrait:

And this is desktop:

@siwilson The dashboard was completely revamped in newer versions, and to make it more consumable on small screens, then each card does not have the height. It's difficult to create something that is perfectly responsive on all screen sizes.
All the links are available below the image if you scroll down (but many mobiles does not show scrollbars by default).
I would recommend that you create two Textbox cards - one with the image and another with the links.

Hi thanks.

I tried removing the image and the result is the same. None of the links show.

@siwilson I cannot reproduce. I'm not sure if it is caused by the browser or something specific in your markdown. Can you post your markdown (not a screenshot), you can replace your domain with example.com

Hi - I can share the dashboards with you if you give me some details for a DM? Although the dashboards are public I'd rather not share them here.


#  Timing Results database

[2022 Open Class](http://example.com/public/question/2970db43-156e-4f29-a739-7ffe5472b594)

[2022 Top Ten](http://example.com/public/question/ea76c08f-5605-49b9-9b50-e986f1803680)

[2022 Forgotten Era Overall](http://example.com/public/question/97135f7a-1ebf-44e0-a190-a74fedd9abb9)

[2022 Forgotten Era sub classes](http://example.com/public/question/819f9ae6-49d8-40f2-bcca-f5b6d24e2635)

[2022 Road Legal](http://example.com:3001/public/question/28ac1dcb-3117-4152-9fe8-63a721294353)

[Full Event Results With Splits](http://example.com:3001/public/question/47a1e8a3-1633-47dd-8b3d-bd503c000006)

[Event Fastest Timed Runs]( http://example.com/public/dashboard/fbe45204-2661-44e7-b15d-968e4c902b7a)

[Race Number/Hill search](http://example.com/public/dashboard/b47c130a-46d3-4c60-acd9-c23ec5f0fe11)

[Personal Best](http://example.com/public/dashboard/efb91abc-95fd-4a74-81a3-27056e4b8521)

[Search Everything](http://example.com/public/dashboard/37ccfacf-0382-4177-bf7a-271a22690198)



[2021 Open Class](http://example.com/public/question/02d5bf3f-966f-46e3-99eb-5f16577fbb3d)

[2021 Top Ten](http://example.com/public/question/e05f36c4-1e06-4da0-88f8-910e27c021c3)

@siwilson Here's what I'm seeing:

Ohhhhh. Why is the scrolling area so small? Can I extend that?

@siwilson That is handled by your browser/OS/mobile.

Any tips/clues how to change/configure it? It makes no sense to me that it uses so little of the screen. It's the same with tables, they only display 4 lines at a time.

@siwilson You'll have to check the documentation of your browser/OS/mobile, it's not controlled by Metabase. Try searching the internet for <your browser/os/etc> scrollbar width

There's an issue open about table size:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/11762 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

On the gif you posted, that looks like an emulator? It's behaving the same there - that can't be right. The vertical space is tiny. There's got to be some fundamental issue there.

@siwilson Like I said originally, when viewing on a small screen, then the card height gets removed. If you have ever tried to develop dynamic grid-style websites where everything had to be perfect in every resolution, then you would know how difficult it is.
Metabase was originally not very mobile-friendly, but has gotten a lot better and we're still working on making it even better.

I'm lucky in that my day job I'm only involved with desktop development though we do try to make it responsive.

Thank you for the information. I appreciate improvements are being worked on for mobile, but for my application (of which this dashboard forms part of it), it's gone backwards.

I appreciate the help/communication.