Looking for a metabase expert to help with smooth implementation and maintenance

Start up Based in Toronto. We are looking to use Metabase as an enterprise solution reporting for our clients. We need some help!

Looking for experienced individuals who understand how to best set up Metabase for our use cases and explain the limitations of the platform so that we can communicate that upfront with our clients.

We are also looking for maintenance help when the set up is complete.


I deployed a metabase instance for Internal and external user of a investiment company in Brazil. The internal user are liking the results. To write query is a culture not yet achieves (Excel rules). So I’m writing the query and after 3 months the company the started to believe in the system. Version 0.32.8 Never felt. The internal
User log-in with google account and external user we invite with personal email. With this I could block the access to external user create queries. If you have too many external users or too many different groups maybe you’re gonna need the row level security to scale (Enterprise Version). I’ve invited 90 external user and it still manageable. Other thing is the possibility to create a dashboard for diferente types of groups and insert some link in markdown to send third parties some forms or other data. Tell me some detail to see if I can help you.

Thanks! We are looking more on a infrastructure vs reports, Setting up the SSO etc…