Looking for Metabase expert for customization work


We are looking for experts to customize Metabase so that it integrates with our graphic, we also need some help with new features, example if a filter is applied on an element on the dashboard, all the other elements need to change accordingly (they all need to be filtered)

We really need someone that knows Metabase innards well and knows what its doing
We are located in Australia but happy to work with professionals around the world

Happy to provide more details!

Best regards


I’ve only been working with Metabase for a month or so, but been a BI consultant for 20 years, so pick up the new stuff very quickly.
UK based, but happy to chat. I can’t help on customising the application (yet), but can certainly help on most of the rest.
Do you have more details so I can see if I’m likely to be suitable?