Lost password I should give to the person I'm adding

Hi there!

I’ve added a new user, but when Metabase gave me the password I have to give by hand to the other person, I somehow closed the tab. Now I can’t seem to get that password again. What should I do in other to have the other user sign in?


Hi @MariaAna
Go to Admin > People > click the ... to the right of the user > Reset password

I’ve done that, but it doesn’t show me a new password to hand to the new user.

@MariaAna It will never show you the password if you have setup email (Admin > Settings > Email), then the password is being sent directly to the user.

The thing is that the email is not setup, since it requires the 2 step verification and at the moment the admin has not set that up, since we’re testing this tool and seeing if it’s viable for our project.

@MariaAna Have you configured Admin > Settings > Email? If yes, then it’s configured in the eyes of Metabase, no matter if the email server is down, not working, etc.
Clear the email configuration until it’s actually setup correctly.