Lost Questions and Dashboard when deploying new version

Hi team,

Tried your product this week, and have loved it so far. Deployed it locally and on AWS EB (thanks for the docs on it :slight_smile: ).

Wanted to bring something I noticed to your attention though. I upgraded from v1.2.0 to v1.2.1 today, and while the local upgrade worked perfectly, I lost all the data on my EB upgrade. Had to setup my user, DB conneciton, reports and dashboard from scratch again.

I also reproduced it on the EB deployment to verify that it wasn’t a one time issue. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Quick question, did you include an RDS instance in your deployment when you launched the application on EB? And you were using the upgrade instructions from http://www.metabase.com/docs/v0.12.1/operations-guide/running-metabase-on-elastic-beanstalk.html ?

We run quite a few production Metabase instances on EB and i’ve never had an issue upgrading them. As long as the running application is pointing to the same database everything should be good.

I already had a separate RDS instance that I wanted to point this to, so I didn’t include it in the deployment. I’m guessing this is the issue?

And yes, I did follow the instructions on the doc.

Yeah, that’s likely your problem. EB will automatically include environment variables that allow us to connect to the RDS instance if you include that RDS instance as part of your environment. If you just had an RDS instance running somewhere Metabase wouldn’t necessarily know about it and try to use it automatically. We recommend launching the environment with the RDS instance as part of it.