Mac os app, corrupted db, can I save the reports?

I think I closed my laptop while the app was opening and corrupted Metabase db. version is 36.7.

I’m moving to Docker, can I save the reports (definitions) from mac app? can anything be saved? talks about some Java commands to try to fix db, is this relevant to mac app?

Hi @peterk
Yes, the recovery of H2 is the same, but I would recommend that you recover using the JAR, so get the H2 file from the Mac App location:
And then when you have recovered, then migrate away from H2:
Then you can setup Docker to refer to the new application database.

@flamber I can’t find metabase.db.h2.db or anywhere. Also there is not /Metabase in ~/Library/Application Support/

@peterk Can you search for - it should be somewhere in your home directory.
Otherwise you shouldn’t see that error upon startup.
Some people were having problems with a hanging process, which locks the H2 database file, but the error is usually different. Anyways, a normal restart of the computer usually resolved the problem for them.