Maintenance operations

Hello everyone,

I am currently using the 0.48 branch of Metabase and I am starting to look into upgrading to the 0.49 branch. Before I begin, I have the following question: are there any maintenance operations that need to be done manually? For example, purging data stored in the Metabase database, or is everything automated?

I am asking this question because the Metabase database takes up 11GB while the exploited data database is only 3GB.

Thank you in advance.

Hey flipflip

The upgrade process is fairly automated in most cases, with of course the important part being having a backup of the application database before doing anything.

What database engine/platform are you using?
Did you mean ‘exported’? If so, it’s most likely due to compression of the backup.

Hi Filmon,

indeed I haven't had any issues with updates so far.

My question was more about the manual maintenance needed for the database that Metabase uses to store the cache, logs, etc.

I am using MariaDB as the database engine.

Data usage on my server


Hey flipflip

Gotcha. No manual operations needed unless

There is the MB_DB_AUTOMIGRATE environment variable to help with identifying needed changes to the databases during a migration.