Make it so you can run highlighted parts of a query (to check subqueries and with statements)

This is the feature I miss the most from using Periscope at a different company. You should be able to highlight just a portion of a query, like just a subquery or with statement, to test that that portion is working. It’d probably require a larger text window to edit queries in, but that would be great regardless.

Please and thank you!

this is not a bad idea.

would you mind opening an issue at ? One thing that I don’t have a clear answer for would be where should the results go? I.e. you probably wouldn’t want them replacing your current results, or would you?

This is actually already implemented with ctrl-option-enter or cmd-option-enter. We don’t have button for it though, and obviously it’s not very discoverable (not sure it’s even documented)

Also the editor is now resizable by dragging the bottom edge.

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You are just making my day! Agreed on it not being very discoverable. Periscope had it so the button changed to “Run Selection” instead of “Run” when you had something highlighted, so perhaps something similar would work?

The resizable editor is with 0.23 right? We’re upgrading to that tonight.

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