Many-to-many relation field from strapi on mongodb

Thank you for this great tool, I currently evaluate it as a new solution and really love the intuitive but also open approach for data analytics.

I currently use a strapi created database on mongodb for testing some features. In the database, I have a many-to-many field containing the owners of a business unit:

To get the names of the owner out of the field for further analysis, I tried to configure the relation in the data model. The data model isn't able to resolve the relation (because of the list format?) Is there any way to resolve this within the data model? What would be the right way to resolve this on database, api management or business intelligence side? Thank you for any support.

Here is the screenshot of the data model relation:

Hi @tobias1
Currently Metabase doesn’t support foreign keys on MongoDB, so I think that’s what causing your problems: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post.